Motorsport is ridiculously expensive, this is what we offer our clients, to make sure we are on track:


Money for stickers used to be the tradition, times are very different now. We are working with some amazing brands this year and the next. We have much more capacity, if you manage a business or the marketing for one, and you want growth, have a look at our pitch.

Mechanical & simulation support

Alexander is a skilled commercial mechanic, able to help with race setup, circuit side repair, and end of event breakdown. Testing support is also available, and treated the same way. With 13 years of simulator experience, we can also help to base-line your setup prior to the weekend. More details are here.

Engineering & building services

We always want more from our vehicles, so why not see if Alexander can help get your vehicle ready. Whether it is a small modification, or a complete rebuild, we can help you do it. To date Alexander has helped modify a '67 Mustang Mach1, rebuilt a Vectra B, restored and then modified his own MX-5, and so much more. More details are here.

Web Development

Alexander built this website, he can build one for you too. The team at AJR Motorsport are able to code and to write content, and prices are not steep. This means you get a website that fits you and your brand, while being lightweight, and without templates. It also means a higher security level. You can also get email with your domain. Hosting is included, which means you only need a domain, a message to get across, and a few pictures of you doing what you do! More information.

Simulation services

AJR Motorsport are able to provide simulation services, wether it requires hardware help on -site, livery design, or training and development from home. AJR Motorsport have a very long history with simulation platforms, find out more here.