Race weekend or Testing support

As racing drivers, we understand the importance of having a vehicle that will perform, without failure. Unfortunately however, racing never, ever, goes to plan. We have helped drivers who have brought a vehicle back to the paddock with failed components, We have also been under our own vehicles with the same help, and we completely understand the value of not being alone and against the clock.

As we have a commercial mechanic, we are able to offer labour for days when you need an extra hand to make sure that if it all goes pear shaped, you can get the vehicle repaired, scrutineered, and ready as soon as possible, whether to make the next heat, or to maximise testing time. Time is the most valuable thing at a race event, as when not competing, the racing driver should be doing work for their sponsors. An extra pair of hands at the circuit allows for this, meaning adjustments can be requested between heats for you.

While we do not carry parts on hand, we do have a track-side tool kit, lifting kit, and 3 metre by 3 metre marquee. As expected, if your vehicle needs a specialist tool for every different component, like some suspect manufacturers, then you will need to inform us with enough time for the correct tools to be ordered, unless you can provide these for use.

Engineering / development, setup, and build

As Alexander is coming towards the end of his Bachelors of Engineering degree, we are looking for avenues where this can be utilised. For unique race car builds, we are able to mathematically model stress and strain for your build, making sure your race car is strong enough, but light enough, to win as much as possible.

We are also able to provide setup help, and support through testing, race events, or on our simulator. This can lead to the ideal setup for your driving style in a variety of conditions, or even nail a set of setups for each condition, depending on your yearly budget and time constraints.

For off-season builds, we are able to provide mechanical support to help build your vehicle ahead of the next event, or just to provide quality control. Additionally we can provide 'cuppa tea' services to keep you and our mechanic on the go till the job is complete.

Pricing information

We understand motorsport is not cheap, neither are fuel prices. While we are based in North Yorkshire, we do travel, the rates would be an extra £5 for each 10 mile diameter beyond Yorkshires borders. In situations where the distance takes more than 3 hours of drive time, accommodation will need to be provided.


From high to low:

£200 per 8 hours of work on a day rate

£700 per 8 hours of work, for 5 days each week.

£2,500 per 8 hour of work, for 5 days each week, for 4 weeks each month.

£30 per hour for ad-hoc work such as an odd afternoon or morning.

£25 per hour of simulation work

£20 per contract to provide tools

£10 per contract to provide lift kit

£10 per contract to provide our marquee

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