AJR Motorsport is the brand that Alexander Rhodes (the racing driver not the actor), has raced under for a decade now. AJR Motorsport has competed in simulation championships, 24 hour kart races, open kart events, and a hill climb championship. There are plans for much more to come over the years, especially as we are working with more exciting sponsors.

AJR Motorsport would not be here without the help of a few inspirational people, and the companies that have supported us. We are extremely grateful that our luck, hard work, and dedication has lead us to our sponsors, and that we get to do what we do. However, we still work full time jobs, and we still work outside of these jobs, in order to fund our sport. With that in mind, please consider liking, sharing, subscribing, and buying sponsor products, to help keep us going.

We now aim to continue working with more brands, while opening up to the competition, to help each athlete and team succeed too, even if they take a win from us, we may learn something new. You will also find us doing the occasional online race within some popular simulators too, feel free to say hello! Simulators we use include Assetto Corsa, LFS, KartKraft, rFactor and NetKar Pro.


Alexander Rhodes had his first taste of racing as a young 13 year old, when an arrive and drive karting session was gifted to him. Since then, Alexander has been chasing the dream of making a career out of racing, as since that very first time in the seat, the raw talent has been blatantly obvious.

While trying everything to get himself racing, Alexander took a job, working nights while still in school, and started trying to get to as much racing as possible. Unfortunately, due to troubled family circumstances, this never came to be, and it would not be until much later in life that Alexander had the opportunity to go out and prove his talent.

Aged 18, Alexander entered an event that would see many things change. Vauxhall held a competition: Racing Driver of the Year, which was for non-racing drivers - wishing to be racing drivers, to have a chance. However, this event was a notorious shambles, and once again, Alexander did not have an opportunity to prove his pace, but he was noticed for his race-craft and talent.

The next few years saw Alexander and a group of people working to unite people who wanted to get into the sport, and this resulted in plenty of racing. All over the UK, Alexander was able to get to unsactioned events, where even with less seat time, he has always been on the pace. There was also 24 hour kart races at Le Mans, using Alain Prost's circuit. Daytona also held a 24 hour kart race in Wembley stadium, using the Race of Champions circuit the weekend following the tournament. This event saw future Formula 1 stars on circuit, and once again, there was no struggle for pace.

During 2010, Alexander returned from a short stay in Barcelona, to work on his own brand, in the hope of finding that career, AJR Motorsport was born. Choosing to take some time away from the circuit to learn business and sales skills, along with marketing and technical knowledge. In 2013, AJR Motorsport went incorporated as a couple of entrepreneurs spotted the passion and wanted to come along for the journey. Once again though, Alexander fell victim to poor economical circumstances, which led to an eventual dissolution of the registered company, but the brand does live on.

In 2016, Alexander bought a Mazda MX-5 MK1, as an opportunity to learn a few more mechanical skills, most importantly, how to weld. This car had a lot of potential, especially for a vehicle that was going to be scrapped. After a lot of welding, painting and fixing, the car is now able to compete. 2019 saw the first outing, where a few rounds of the Harewood Hill Climb Championship were contested, before debris in the timing belt forced an early end to the season. The car is now being repaired ahead of 2021, which will be the next championship attack.

During 2020, there will be no racing, as there are other expenditures that just have to be sorted out before the next championship attack can take place.