Web design & development

You already know how this goes. we have the ability to design, code and host your website and domain. You think a template provider offers you a better service. You do not receive any business through the website, and then you blame your marketer or IT guru.

Please stop!

The companies selling templates, have made millions of templates, which are fantastic at selling templates. They say nothing about you or your brand, and they never will, it is not how they were designed.

The web development industry is about creating something that fits your brand, your image, your mission, your vision and your needs. The purpose of a web design is to promote what you do, in a way that tells the story of how, why, and what for. The goal is to encourage your new fans to purchase your products or services, or just to devour your information.

With a website designed by Alexander Rhodes, you can have something tailored, something that is completely you and your brand, for less cash than the template companies charge for something that looks half professional. Yeah, the long-gone web devs never felt comfortable on price, which is how templates became a thing, I will tell you up front exactly what to expect.


With Alexander Rhodes doing your brand proud, you can expect an email server that has unlimited email addresses, a domain that is yours, managed by Alexander Rhodes, and a service delivered by Alexander Rhodes.

This means that if you are still losing customers because you have an @btconnect.co.uk address, you can finally fix it. No, I am not joking, those emails do still exist, and they really should not.


£1000 for branding and a 5 page package. This includes logo and brand-image guidelines.

£500 for a 5 page website design. This includes links between each page, and social platform links.

£200 for a single page design, limited to a single topic and call to action.

£50 for each article written (up to 500 words).

£10 for each content update (on a monthly or more distant time scale).

£3 for each content update (on a weekly or fortnightly time scale).

£1 for each content update on a daily basis.

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