AJR Motorsport - The sponsorship pitch

Congratulations! You have taken your first step towards some real growth for your brand!

You think we are confident with that statement, you are right. We do not mean growth in the same way your politicians do with rates at 0.5%-2.5% tops. Growth to us at AJR Motorsport is measurable, it is more next year than you do this year, growth is exponential.

We are able to drive growth, for you or your brand, because we are on the front-line. We are speaking to your target market. Face to face. With race cars, high octane action and bags of passion. At events they chose to attend, because they too, are passionate about the sport. Best of all, it does not cost as much as you think it does.

How does it even work?

Our sponsorship programs are as simple as it sounds, just a lot more effective than anyone thinks.

Because of the sales cycle, customer perception, and our human buying defences, we are able to tap into a prospect that may otherwise be off-limits, too guarded, or too negative for your sales team to approach. All those other customers that may seem easier, but still difficult, have much higher value to you at a race venue. At these venues putting your product in front of your prospect is far, far too easy. Take the worlds biggest energy drink brand as your case study here.

This is why the face to face conversion ratio is 1 in 10, not because of pushy sales people, but because a positive conversation, passion, and energy, all translate into fantastic experiences. Pitch to ten prospects during this positive experience, and you are guaranteed to make a sale.

You are interested, but scared of the cost?

How much did you invest in your business at start up? If you expect me to believe, that for nothing, you made your first profit, then you can click that little 'x' in the top right corner of this browser. If like every successful business, you took a year to break even, invested thousands, and you have still spent very little marketing thus far, well now it is time to amp it up a tiny bit.

We at AJR Motorsport would not turn down a ten million pound deal, we are capable of delivering a very high ROI for large investments. Yet realistically, that kind of investment goes to the top level athletes that do not need that money. At AJR Motorsport, we price our plans from £500 per year. That's right, £500 per year is our starting point, and we really need the support that £500 will bring!

Because we really need the cash, and you really need the ROI, it is mutually beneficial to us, to price our plans as low as we possibly can, and to deliver the biggest bang for your buck that you can possibly get. How else do we expect you to put more money in our budget for next year?

It is time to enquire, your next steps:

Thank you for getting this far, we really want to work with you, but you must understand the following:
Sponsoring an athlete, or sports team, counts as part of your corporate tax relief.
Offering £50 or product sponsorship will not fly. We are competing in motorsport, not Mario kart.
You can expect minimum ROI's to be more than the cost of sponsoring us.
We will visit you, soak up your brand, and your culture, to make a decision on whether we fit
Before asking you to sign a contract, I need to be certain I can deliver. We will not take a deal that paints us poorly.

Ready to get your plan worked out? Send us an email here with details of your brand, your budget, and what you expect for the following year. We will respond within 24 hours to tell you whether we can pursue this with you, and then we can grab a hot beverage to discuss it further.

Alternatively, you can call me for a chat, just be aware that I may have to ring you back, I do not take calls while working. Professional image and everything.