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Alexander Rhodes doing a Force India event

I'm Alexander Rhodes, a racing driver from Leeds, West Yorkshire, and I will be competing in the 2017 Mazda MX5 Championship, ran by the BRSCC. During the year, I hope to be in the fight for the championship, and to be delighting people around the country who support the sport. I will be finding out what the championship details are soon, and confirming our entry. At the moment, I am in talks with BC Cars Motorsport, and I may be leasing one of their cars for the season.

I am also in talks with a few manufacturers, who may be able to support me throughout the year, and hopefully you will be willing to support them in return.
Those who know me have seen me overcome adversity in order to go racing, facing one hurdle after another, and even through the struggles, I've excelled at every moment.

In order to say thank you for the support, I will be giving back what I can, with insight into the motorsport world, and a look at what goes on throughout daily life, and also there will be opportunities to win free merchandise throughout the year.

If you're excited as I am about next year, then hold on to your hats, it's going to be better than you think.


AJR Motorsport launch and fundraiser at JCT 600 in Leeds

I don't yet know the calendar for the 2017 season, as soon as it is announced, I'll publish it here

2016 held 7 rounds throughout the year, if 2017 is similar in operation, this means I'll be able to come and perform for you, for over half the year. I want to make the most out of the year, and so I do plan another 24 hour kart race, as long as my calendar and my budget allow for it. This will either be Le Mans 24 hours, or Teeside 24 hours.

There are likely to be other events throughout the year, outside of motorsport performance. I'll post the details here too, giving you the chance to come and talk with me away from the busy track

Our partners may occasionally have events of their own for you to come and support them. I will be at as many of them as I can get to, and I'll post details so that you can do the same. Remember, supporting them is the same as supporting me.


Alexander Rhodes gave a talk to Leeds university Formula Student competiors in 2013

As we gain sponsorship from companies and individuals, I'll post here who does what, and I'll give you an idea of how you can support them. I'll be promoting them in return for their support at each event, anything you could do would help me for the future.

Right now I'm in talks with a huge floorcare brand, the guys who make the best vacuums in the world. Hopefully, they'll be helping to fund my effort.

I'm also in talks with a logistics company, because every race team needs a truck. It's a local company to me, and I hope we can support each other throughout the year.

I'm looking for many other partners too, as every little really does help. If you know of a party who may be interested, please egg them on to send me a message through facebook.


Alexander Rhodes and team mates after their 4th place in Le Mans 2012. They almost took 2nd

I don't yet have any merchandise to offer, but as soon as I do, I'll create links to the various items here for you.

I am also looking for a merchandising partner, so that I may be able to provide our team wear at a lower price to you. I hope when the time arrives, you can all support the both of us by wearing our kit at the race track.


A fan reads through Alexanders bio in a magazine

I have redesigned the site, hopefully now it should be responsive, I'm also in talks for some racing next year. That's right, I may be back on track!

I have been in discussion with BC Cars Motorsport, it may be possible for me to race again next year with one of their cars.


Alexander discussing tactics at Le Mans 2012 with team mates David Garcia and Alexandru Damian

The best way to get in touch, is at the race circuit. However, if you need to speak to me urgently, see my facebook page, I monitor that regularly. I don't want to post further contact information, as like most people, I'm not a fan of spam. You can find all my social media links above the navigtion bar.

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